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Date Ideas: Spice up your companion relationship!

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Thinking of ways to spice up your date and do something unique with your favorite companion? As providers of fantasy, intimacy, and companionship, companions can create a sense of chemistry or, more naturally, we can build off of the chemistry that already exists.

What draws you to companions? The feeling of meeting someone new, starting something new, and venturing into the unknown. Anticipation is energizing and produces creativity within us. Think of all the ways we could use that creative energy! Don't make the mistake of thinking of foreplay as only a physical act taking place in the bedroom. It can start at the dinner table as our eyes flirt with each other and I place your hand on my lap near my dress slit. It can begin on a golfing expedition with you standing behind me to help with my putting.

This is about creating sparks that run through your body while we're together and we still have the whole night ahead of us. Someone said the longer the foreplay the harder the climax... or maybe that was me but nonetheless, it has been proven time and time again.

I quite clearly understand the desire for variety in lovers. But the truth is what we are really seeking is that feeling of butterflies in our stomach, taking risks that leave us vulnerable but open to one another, and feeling desired.

I've put together a list of 10 date ideas to keep the romance alive with your favorite companion.

1. A trip to an Art Gallery / Museum / Historical Sights

As a famous saying goes, “art feeds the soul.” Art galleries are perfect for dates. The possibilities of what we can see are endless because our own life perspectives shape what we see in art. There's much to discuss about our surroundings and our conversation is bound to reveal little quirks about each other like our motivations, dreams, desire, and history. I really enjoy deep conversations over beautiful art, it is a sophisticated yet romantic way to have uninterrupted fun in public.

2. Hiking / Workout

As someone who is often asked by suitors if I workout, I actually don't workout that much. Some time ago, I lived in Los Angeles where my love for hiking blossomed and my visits to the gym decreased. I remember my first few times hiking Runyon Canyon and trying different offbeat trails. It was exhilarating to push myself further every time. I love the peacefulness of getting lost in nature and the relief and accomplishment when we finally make it back to where we left the car.

My active travel schedule make it more difficult to challenge myself actively but I managed to recently resume swimming lessons, started golf lessons, and now have my eyes on boxing, tennis and yoga/pilates classes.

This is an easy one to relate directly back to building chemistry and anticipation before we retire to our private quarters. Exercise is known (not to mention scientifically proven) to increase hormones that make you feel good. A bonus is sharing the shower together after working up a such sweat, just to do it all over again.

3. Live performances

Music / Comedy / Theatre / Ballet

A night of flirting surrounded by jazz music filling our souls and adding fuel to a fire that's already burning. Live performances stimulate the senses and releases those feel good hormones that will pay off for both us later.

Laughing our asses off at a comedy show will send us back to our suite with happy uplifted spirits and insider jokes to last a lifetime. We will create new memories that we can talk about forever.

4. Plus One Events

Office Parties, Holiday Parties, Galas, Weddings

Wherever you want to go, or maybe don't want to go... it will be a sure fun time with a beautiful companion at your side. I love to dance so don't be surprised if I tug you onto the dance floor to take part in the real action. What an enjoyable way to warm up to each other and let go of all worries and anxieties before we call it a night.

How exciting it could be to request your favorite companion dress conservatively to play as a colleague or innocent date. Maybe you'd prefer the full head turner look if you want all eyes on you and your hot date. My usual go-to is dressing somewhere in between the two, but I do love requests.

5. Sports Events

Football, Basketball, Boxing, Baseball, Horse Racing, Golf, Tennis, Nascar, the list goes on... college, professional, or your alma mater high school game. It does't matter how big or small the event is, we will have fun together.

I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan but don't let that deter you. I actually don't follow sports closely but I still love the energy of live sports events. That energy is contagious, it reminds me of how I feel the moment I step foot in Las Vegas. Its the sort of energy that stays with you through the night ;)

6. Take a vacation

Where is somewhere you always wanted to go but haven't had the chance yet? What is your favorite travel destination?

Now, imagine how freeing and fun your vacation will be with a beautiful companion full of energy and excitement alongside you. Nothing says romance like a trip for two to Paris, The Maldives, Santorini, Vienna, Barcelona, or Bali! New places, new scenery, new experiences, and new passport stamps is sure to make me melt.

If you can't sneak your companion away internationally, you can still sweep me off my feet with a vacation to Napa Valley, Florida Keys, Aspen, Las Vegas, Hawaii, or Yellowstone Park. We can curate an itinerary full of adventures or just go with the flow, relax, and enjoy each other's company. This isn't like your usual yearly family vacation. Rest assured vacations with your companion will be magical.

Let's reserve the honeymoon/couples suite. A private jacuzzi/pool for the two of us, candles lit, a rose petal walkway to our throne (bed), and champagne on the house to celebrate the happy couple ;)

Those moments I have with clients at the end of our dinner date, overnight, or full days together where our faces reveal that we just don't want it to end yet... Returning from paradise will be most bittersweet but a worthwhile experience that will be on our minds for a very long time.

7. Try something new

Salsa or Ballroom Dancing, Karaoke Night, Painting, Spontaneous Road Trip, Couples Spa Treatments, Adult Arcade

I've touched on this briefly but to really drive the point home, here's the 411: New experiences, anticipation, excitement, and anxiety all directly relate to forming stronger memories, and therefore stronger bonds between you and your companion. I thoroughly enjoy being a companion, but let's be honest... there's nothing special about laying around in a hotel room for an hour or two, unless that's your kink.

What is beyond special is breaking free of the mundane routine and embracing newness together. The closest connections I've made with suitors over the years were strengthened by fun, wild, and new experiences doing things I had never done before. Some unforgettable suitor dates that immediately come to mind are racing snowmobiles in the middle the most beautiful winter wonderland near a ski resort, playing TopGolf for the first time and realizing golf isn't as boring as I once thought while my date is totally not letting me win LOL, and taking a road trip to spend the night at my suitors lake house while stopping to see beautiful sights along the way.

Here's actual footage my date took of me on my first snowmobile ride!

8. Top Tourist Sights

Maybe we are meeting for a date in a city that one or both of us know very well and we can show each other the highlights of the city. But perhaps you schedule a fly me to you session to bring me to a random city you're visiting on business. When I am traveling across the world and find myself wanting to see what is special about a place I'm in, I usually google the top tourist things to do and go exploring. It's a spontaneous way to spend the day together and see something for the first time in each other's company.

9. Strip Club / Nightclub / Sex club

Get ready for some unforgettable naughty moments as we bond over our favorite hot girls, our secret desires, or dance the night away together. The sexual energy in these places is hard to ignore. Taking that energy back to the suite is just..... more than words can express.

10. Keeping it simple

We don't have to do something over the top romantic. It's those little moments with each other outside of the suite that we will really remember. Stargazing, picnics, hanging by the pool, video games, board games, a spa day or shopping day is a great way to spend time getting to know each other while keeping the relationship exciting and spontaneous. The key to a successful and long-lasting relationship with your companion!

Some More Thoughts

I've seen a shift recently in the companion industry where more and more providers are setting a minimum booking time anywhere between 90 min and overnight. I believe this shift is gaining more momentum as we adjust to post-pandemic life. Some companions had stopped working all together during the lockdown days, some were considered high risk or have high risk people close to them, and so they did not want to risk anyone's health for a 30 minute or 1 hour booking.

Many companions, like myself, worked throughout the lockdown and pandemic and enhanced our knowledge on staying healthy and keeping our suitors healthy. I traveled over half of the United States in less than a year.

For me, my shift towards prioritizing longer dates is because I long for those deeper connections. When looking back on my last few years as a companion, it's the suitors that went above and beyond, that really wanted to connect with me, create unique moments, and transform the client-provider dynamic into something extraordinary that really comes to mind. I light up with excitement when those clients reach out to see me again, and then the anticipation starts to build once again.That's what it is all about. Allow that anticipation to keep you on your toes, and soon we will dance the night away together.



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