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My 50 State Tour

Here we have the infamous Twitter post that still to this day has a lot of my clients asking "So how is the 50 state tour going?"

I'll add some background because that caption was a bit far out...

I got my bachelors in nursing and was working as a travel nurse soon after graduating. I lived a "nomad" lifestyle as a travel nurse. I was making great money in my early 20s and getting to travel like I always wanted. The downside was leaving my hometown behind, living out of hotels/Airbnbs, and never having any real stability because I'd switch job assignments every few months.

Little did I know that this lifestyle would make my transition to escorting so much easier and it inspired my brand in every way. I continue to enjoy traveling and replaced travel nursing with... well travel hoe-ing.

Today I have been working as an independent escort since 10/2019, 14 months ago. I have toured 24 states to this date.

One state away from halfway, and in the middle of a pandemic, I'm impressed! Check the map to see if I have came through your state. Did you miss me? (I've traveled everywhere marked blue.)

My tours are picked strategically based on which cities I want to visit, the demand, and my transportation plans.
Often I skip the plane and opt to drive through my touring states. I do my best planning on the open road. I listen to audiobooks about finances, business, and real estate investing. I listen to podcasts such as The Bigger Pockets and The Sexy Escort Guide.
Every now and then I hear the cha-ching of my Cashapp and I pull over, do a little happy dance, and pencil in the new booking I just received a deposit for.

The pandemic is inevitably affecting this grand 50 state tour. Like a lot of other providers, I have experienced a number of cancelled appointments due to "the covid excuse."

The cancellations seem to increase as the reported case numbers increase and panic sets in about spreading & contracting the virus. Valid reasons, nonetheless, this has led to some tours being cancelled and changes in my booking procedures. This is a business. The ends have to justify the means.

Incorporating required deposits and a cancellation policy were the only way to continue touring the country and meeting new friends.

The men I've met thus far in 24/50 states have completely blown me away with kindness and generosity. So many of my clients still keep in touch via OnlyFans or check-in occasionally with a "thinking about you" tip/gift.
What's Next?
Am I going to let the pandemic slow me down?
A better question is will you?
Book your appointment. Keep your appointment.
Read my FAQ and learn what I am doing to do protect myself and my clients while continuing to do the work that is needed (;
I am ending the year 2020 by checking off one more state on my map- New York.
Honestly, we are all resenting being cramped inside of the house right now. I am choosing to be cramped inside of a hotel suite instead with a very selective number of people.
My favorite thing about touring is how well-rounded it has made me to have been all over the country on my own personal journey where I experience new places, people, try different foods, shop at new stores, and take pictures of some hidden beauties in the city (which usually means a picture of myself).
Photography has been a passion of mine since forever and I use my free time when on tour to get out into the city and take pictures of myself experiencing life in a time when it really is a privilege to do so.
I think that by the end of 2021, I should be a lot closer to the end of my 50 State Tour
Sponsored Tour Opportunities
If you would like to help by sponsoring a tour to your city, here's what you can do. Fill out my booking form and choose an appointment duration of 3 hours or more. In the description box, mention that you would like to sponsor my tour to your city, since it is not on my planned tour list. I would really like to visit to some states in the south like Texas, Georgia, and Tennessee. Maine and Montana are another two states I am dying to cross off my list.
Look through my gallery below for some cute and fun pictures/videos I've taken across my 50 state tour.

I spent my birthday with a special client who picked me up in Pittsburgh and took me to Ohiopyle State Park for a hiking date that ended at his vacation home in Seven Springs Resorts.

A selfie I took on a hike in Portland, Oregon. I was there when the wildfires were occurring in Oct 2020. Note the orange tone of the photo and the video of me driving back from attempting to get drone footage at the Pacific Coast beaches. It was quite scary! Like driving through hell. It was 9 am in the morning during the video!
I still managed to film a naughty outdoor video for OnlyFans before leaving Portland!

Check my OnlyFans website for all of the explicit pictures and videos on the road. Seatbelt stays on! Safety first ;)
One of my favorite tour routes to drive was Minneapolis, Minnesota to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to Omaha, Nebraska.
I was based in Las Vegas in my early Robyn (Ciara Lee) days. Ciara is a story for another day....
I still get flown back every now and then because I really am the BEST lucky charm.
Playing Blackjack and being arm candy at the Poker table earned me some awesome gifts/ shopping in the Forum Shops.
My favorite restaurants so far are all in the Belliago. I am still dying to try Hell's Kitchen (but you HAVE to reserve a table the day before!)
Spent some time in DC in a hotel that was so beautiful and empty that I set my tripod up in the hallway and had a lingerie photoshoot.

It was incredibly exciting!

I was on a zoom lecture for school (bad girl) and passing time until my appointments showed.
I later came back to DC on tour, and an overnight guest bought me these gorgeous red bottom boots off of my wishlist.


Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona is another one of my favorite stops. I love the weather, mountains, hiking, and the restaurants!

A dinner date is a must in Phoenix!


Miami Beach, Florida was a fun time. I am thankful I didn't run into any alligators or crazy flying insects. I did cause a bit of a stir going to the nude beach by myself. Let's just say, I made friends fast. Miami reminded me of my first love, Vegas, in a lot of ways. I'd love to be flown back!


Hope you enjoyed my first blog post. Mention this post for $50 off your first appointment.



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