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All About FMTY

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

What’s the hype over FMTY? When I first started in the industry I honestly had no clue what FMTY meant so let’s start there.

FMTY = fly me to you. Companions will also use substitutes like drive me to you, train me to you, fly you to me, fly us over there.... Obviously no one is expecting you to get a pilots license...but if you already have one that definitely would be a hot advantage.

Let's get right into what is expected from a suitor arranging a FMTY date. For starters you're almost always expected to pay for travel expenses. There’s a common misconception that you need to be rich or wealthy in order to fly someone to you... UNTRUE! You don’t need to be rich. You don't have to plan some elaborate Cinderella story date. My first few FMTY's were to smaller cities that either didn't have a lot of girls like me in the area or my client specifically did not want to meet with a local provider.

The Cinderella story date is still on the table by the way. Going big for a first or fifth FMTY together is never discouraged. It is also okay if you want to keep it simple. There's many different options for dates. Read my last blog post about 10 date ideas here. [Date Ideas: Spice up your companion relationship!]

It is important to note that being a reliable suitor is essential for arranging such a personal and coordinated trip. Unlike tours where companions may see multiple suitors during their trip, FMTY is specifically for YOU. You are who we are coming to see. It's only fair that you are available as planned or if something arises, you step up to take care of your favorite companion who left her home city behind to see you.

Deposits for fly me to you appointments can differ from regular appointments. Expect to pay some sort of down payment in order to get any reputable provider to leave their city and travel to you. I currently require my usual 20% booking deposit for the FMTY date in addition to the travel expenses paid in full. For example if you book 4 hours and expenses are $500, I would expect a deposit of $940 (4 hour date = $2200, 20% of $2200= $440, $440+$500=$940 deposit)

So we officially got the main points out of the way like what is a FMTY and how to approach it... FMTY can seem overwhelming to plan but, generally, (& certainly with me) the process is and should be simple.

My requirements for a FMTY appointment:

  • 4 hours or more time booked: This is a common minimum booking requirement for FMTY. Why 4 hours? It provides enough time for food and fun! It'd be rare, if not impossible, to find someone willing to leave their home city and hop on a plane for an hour booking. If you fly me to you, I imagine you want to spend some time getting to know me. You chose me, after all. FMTY feels special, it's an exclusive session. Obviously, life happens, plans change, and I could never complain if a gentleman flew me to his city, paid the total balance to do so, and had to leave our date early for any reason. Are you simply craving an exquisite mid-day work break? Yes, you can still fly me to you. I'll be the dessert and I have no issues with grabbing dinner solo as you head back to your busy work day.

  • Full meal within our time together: We're spending at least 4 hours together... I don't know about you but I operate best with a happy and full stomach. We both will need the energy boost, trust me. Depending on what time you'd like to meet, we can do a breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner date at a restaurant or room service/take-out. My preference is always to get out into the city but I don't mind staying in with you as long as you keep me cozy. As the gentleman you are, our meal expenses will be on your tab, separate from my rates.

  • Roundtrip Flight: 2 flights, one from my departing city (usually Phoenix International Airport) to whatever city you are in and a second flight to my next planned destination (usually Phoenix). There are a few ways to arrange flights but my preferred option is to independently look for flights and pick which is most convenient for me that fits your desired day and time. After you send a FMTY request via my booking form, I reach out to confirm the details. If you are a new suitor I may ask for a 50$ consult fee (to be applied to your deposit) before I look into flight details. This is due to the few bad apples that have wasted my efforts finding travel deals and then ghosted once its time to seal the deal. I do not require first class travel at this time but it is worth noting that this is a common requirement for luxury companions. After you and I agree on a flight, the flight price and baggage fees are added to my travel expenses. Perhaps the most important point about flights is that the farther in advance you book, the better the deal. Clients have reached out for last minute FMTY's to cities that would cost at least $800 for roundtrip airfare. When you book in advance a domestic roundtrip flight should cost no more than $400-500.

  • Hotel Room: My hotel room expenses are required when booking a travel appointment. If we are doing an outcall appointment to your residence I still require a hotel room. If we are doing an outcall appointment to your hotel I still require a hotel room, however, you have the convenient option of getting an additional room for me at your hotel (which is preferred). To keep the romance, fantasy, and the playfulness alive it's essential to have a separate room to go to during longer appointments 12 hours or more. The second room is for refreshing, alone time, important calls, and holding my personal belongings. It also comes in handy if one of us happens to be a snorer (and no, its not me!). Generally hotel rates are at least $150 per night, but it depends on the city and the day.

  • Transport Fee: Uber/Lyft ride from the airport to the hotel and back again. Currently I tend to estimate this at around $60-70. This rate does depend on the city pricing and the airport to hotel distance may also have a factor in costs.

  • The Miscellaneous Fee: This is not always required but it covers situations such as if you fly me to your city for a four hour dinner date but my flight has me in your city all day. This fee covers my food expenses while i am still in town visiting you. It is generally about $40-50 but depends on flight times and how much time we plan to spend together.

FMTY fees seem excessive? Think about it like this--- if you hadn’t booked me, I’d have access to my completely full fridge, have no travel expenses, a reliable incall space, and likely would have had a date planned at home in Scottsdale. When you book a FMTY, you have to understand that you are paying for the luxury of having someone leave their home city, change their pre-arranged plans, and grace you with their presence and attention at a location most convenient for you. Luxuries aren't cheap but then again, knock-off's are rarely worth the effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I book the flight for you?

No, in order to maintain the privacy of my government information I require suitors to send funds to allow me to make travel purchases myself. Gifting miles is an option. Buying airline / Uber / Lyft / Marriott gift cards is also an option if you prefer.

  • If I fly you to me, can I pick the hotel for incall?

Absolutely. A huge benefit for flying me to your city is that I am literally only there for you. You can pick the hotel, location, restaurant, etc. if you'd like to. Otherwise, I am more than happy to make the complete itinerary myself.

  • Do you offer drive me to you or train me to you?

If I am in a city that has a train route, I would absolutely consider a "train me to you." At this time I am not offering "drive me to you." I will, however, fly to your nearest airport and arrange for transportation from there. I have taken a few 2-hour Uber rides to my suitors in the past, and honestly I would do it again if warranted.

  • How does international FMTY work?

Flying me to a city outside of the US works the same as any other FMTY. I have specific international rates that would be applied for suitors who live outside of the US. Flight expenses will probably increase quite a bit internationally but most things remain the same when it comes to booking a FMTY.

  • Can I fly you to me for our first meeting together?

Absolutely! This happens often and I love the chance to visit a new city and leave with a new special friend.


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